Good to know Before adopting a dog-cat

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Good to know Before adopting a dog-cat

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Do not be surprised that many times you will see social people pay attention. Announcing a house for dogs and cats (Both homeless - not homeless) are overwhelming. รีวิวเกมสล็อต Because they are all animal lovers who can not stand to see the dog, the cat has to live in a fateful life on the street, so the decision to adopt a dog - a cat. It is the solution that animal lovers choose.

But did you know that Before you adopt a dog - a cat. Both you and the owner announcing a new home for the dog - what should the cat know and do?

When the owner (general) announces to find a new home for the dog and cat

Today, animal lovers are not just looking for their little ones that come from farms or pet stores. Many people choose to adopt a dog and cat from owners who are not ready to raise. Or someone who accidentally took a dog and cat to take care of But can't take care Probably because the accommodation is cramped Or is someone in the family allergic to fur? When like this, announcing a new home for your dog or cat is the best solution. But will leave the dog and cat to take care of the philanthropist Should have a little check the information


1. Ask for personal information

Such as name - surname, address (new house, dog, cat) to know Who Adopts a Dog? Your cat And that new house Is there any environment such as a condo, a detached house, or a garden house?

2. General information about dogs and cats

In this regard, you will know The person who came to adopt it Used to raise a dog Did the cat come first? And how much you know how to care for a pet, and how important it is if the foster has never raised an animal before You will be given some basic information. As well as various ways to take care of him

3. Make an appointment

Despite having agreed to adopt a pet But the meeting between the former owner and the sponsor To check the health of dogs and cats before adopting that How is he And what kind of environment is it in? There are times when a sponsor has seen the look of a dog and cat and has changed his mind. Or requesting to change the pet

4. Follow up / Inquiry Living dogs and cats

For this case Like a follow-up After adopting the dog The cat has taken care of it. How are they taken care of and important if something goes wrong? You can give advice or help immediately.

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