Disease must be careful! Drinking the same glass of water can risk contracting diseases

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Disease must be careful! Drinking the same glass of water can risk contracting diseases

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Did you know that drinking straws together? Drink the same glass of water Has a risk of being infected with saliva And may even die without knowing Many people would not have imagined sharing things such as straws, utensils, or just drinking the same glass with a friend. Including mouth-to-mouth treats that are often seen in the news during freshman activities. Will bring many diseases through saliva And some diseases are quite life-threatening As it has previously shown, news that someone has died from hepatitis A from sharing a syringe with someone else.

1. Flu / Flu

The flu is a very contagious disease. Just being near someone who has a cold Or the more you drink the same glass of water Use straws together. We also have the right to get the cold into the body. Although the common cold is not a very serious disease Because it can disappear by itself within 5-7 days

But must be careful in case of getting influenza Is more severe and may die from complications That we have heard of each other H1N1 influenza, avian influenza including SARS. Let's check how the flu symptoms are different from the common cold. In order to observe myself

2. COVID-19 disease

COVID-19 (COVID 19) is a contagious disease caused by the coronavirus strain found in 2019 and is easily transmitted by contact with infected people with aerosols. Including drinking a single glass of water as well, the infection may be transmitted from saliva Which is the fear of this disease The infection has an average incubation period of 14 days. If the infected person has a strong immune system, they may not show any signs of illness. But can be a carrier of disease to others Symptoms are generally high fever, cough, stuffy nose similar to the common cold. Or the flu But if it is very severe, there is a chance of pneumonia. Which this case is very dangerous Because nowadays can only treat according to the symptoms

3. Strep throat

Strep throat is another common disease. If we use a straw or drink the same glass as someone who has group estrococcus bacteria in their saliva or they may contaminate the mucus and phlegm. Which when we are exposed to streptococcus bacteria into the body by mingling Or sharing items with people suffering from strep throat You will have a high fever, headache, chills, loss of appetite, sore throats, and your sore throat will increase when swallowing. If you open your mouth, you will see that the tonsils are red. It looks like pus with a yellowish tinge on the surface of the tonsils. And if you try to touch the lymph nodes in your neck, you will feel swollen. However, strep throat is not a serious disease. Most of them recover by themselves in 7 days, but if you see a doctor The doctor will give you antibiotics to eat. This will help to recover faster within 3 days.

4. Tonsillitis

If the patient's saliva or phlegm is touched, there is a higher risk of developing a throat infection. Because the oral cavity contains hidden bacteria Therefore have a chance to make tonsillitis and swollen red Most often they show signs of high fever, hoarseness, but purulent tonsillitis is more severe than a viral infection. Because the patient will have a high fever, chills, headache, body aches, weakness, loss of appetite, sore throat so much that it is difficult to swallow saliva or food.

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