Blackhead peeling strips Does the pores enlarge or not?

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Blackhead peeling strips Does the pores enlarge or not?

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Annoying ทดลองเล่นสล็อต problem (And face annoyance) with many people of all sexes and almost all ages. Is a problem known as "pimple" no matter how long it has been Pimple pimples are something that no one likes anyway. The innovation of "pimple peeling strips" has evolved to replace the use of egg white mask. But the problem did not end Because the skin condition originally had pimples on it, it became a very noticeable “hole”.

So what should I do? Should I use a pimple peeling sheet in the future? If you don't use it, it's annoying. But if used, it will see many holes on the face. This unsolvable problem, Tonkit360 has already found an answer.

What is a pimple?
I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a blackhead is. Because most people all face the same problem But it varies Some people are just frustrated when they rub their nose and feel rough. Some people are disgusted because they see small, black dots on most of their faces. Some people don't like it because having blackheads makes makeup difficult. And some people hate it Because when it falls out Will see holes and large pores look ugly

Blackhead pimples (Trichostasis Spinulosa) are a common problem in people ranging from middle-aged adolescents to the elderly. Caused by disorders of the hair follicle glands It looks like a clogged pimple. There are many tiny clumps of hairs and dead skin cells clogging the pores and refusing to shed normally. But inserted in the clogged acne head Causing it to look like small black dots on the face or with sharp spines Protruding through many pores Areas where blackheads are often found include the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Or another characteristic of a pimple This occurs when a sebaceous mass clogs the pores called the neck. Normally, the sebaceous ducts and pores of the hair follicles are connected. When the sebaceous glands produce sebum The sebum will come out through the pores to coat the skin on the outside to keep it moist and not dry, but sometimes the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Causing the fat to flow out in time A blockage in the hair follicle ducts known as a blockage of sebum Sometimes the clogged fat mass has no opening. We will see whiteheads embedded in the skin.

Why does my face have blackheads?
Mechanism of pimples The exact cause is currently unknown. But believed to be caused by the creation of very abnormal hair cells Which usually occurs in areas with a lot of sebaceous glands People with oily skin or oily skin in certain areas are prone to pimples.

The occurrence of blackheads Caused by a blockage that occurs in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Or the fact that the sebaceous glands are large Causing large amounts of sebum to be coated on the surface Until causing clogging in the pores Similar to normal acne The generated fat then merges with the dead skin cells (scurf) from the duct wall to form a lump called the neck.

The main characteristic of pimples that is different from normal acne is that in addition to the clogging of the white lump of sebum, there is also an ingrown hair inside. Usually there is only one hair follicle in the pores, but the area of ​​the pimple is small and soft. Several lines packed together. When to reunite with scurf Then was covered by the sebaceous gland pipe wall Clog And causing the loss of small hairs Is harder than usual

When you try to squeeze, you will see white streaks coming out of the pores. And if shining with a magnifying glass Will see many downs This makes it not only looks like a black spot but also has a sharp spike protruding clearly. Especially when rubbing your hand, you will feel like a thorn.

The main factor that causes blackheads. Arising from sex hormones in the body We began to have blackheads noticeable in adolescence. Because sex hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to work more When producing too much fat It causes more clogging more easily. Including acts of violence on the skin surface Like a facial scrub, facial massage To wipe the face hard. It is one of the factors that make the pores. Or the root of the hair is broken It is likely that the hair will be ingrown inside and then become a pimple as well.

The pimple peeling sheet does not enlarge pores.
It's a misunderstanding. Mixed feelings that can be touched That the pore peeling sheet makes the pores larger But actually, the pimple peeling strip that pulls away the blackheads Did not result in enlarged pores. We imagine that they are bigger because we can see them clearly. Plus, we see empty pores that originally had blackheads. Once it came off, we saw a hole and felt it got bigger.

This pimple peeling pad can actually make pimples peel off. Which is like cleaning and removing dirt Once it has gone away, we can clearly see pores without pimples. But it does not mean that the pores are large. If there is no fat to clog up again The pores in that area will be able to tighten on their own. Because our body has a process to tighten pores by creating collagen in the skin already.

Therefore, using a blackhead peel strip, you don't have to worry about your pores getting bigger. But what I should be concerned about is allergic reactions or inflammation. Because the pimple peeling sheet is They are typically in the form of a nasal patch that is coated with a tightening agent. When put on the nose Leave it for a while Then pull it out The substance will pull out that sharp thorn, or another, using cyanoacrylate polymer glue, which has the same adhesive properties as elephant glue. Apply on a slide Take it over the pimple area and pull it out. Can cause pimples to come off as well The latter method is quite popular. Because the price is not expensive Get rid of the pimples that come off some, but not all, and won't get rid of blackheads everywhere.

Therefore, caution In using a pimple peeling sheet Is a chemical that may cause an allergic reaction The inflammation we do on the face

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