Causes and tips to prevent "hair loss"

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Causes and tips to prevent "hair loss"

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Everyone dreams of having รีวิวเกมสล็อต beautiful and beautiful hair. Can be trimmed in any way Always up to date But that dream may seem distant When there are many problems with hair loss Because any shape will not seem confident If anyone has ever faced with hair loss, they probably know that this is a big problem. The more hair loss Even more worries Stress

Sanook Health offers advice on how to take care of your hair to be beautiful and healthy from the Life Center Blog to leave each other. Just avoid stress. And get enough rest Avoid using drugs that have side effects. Abstain from alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Avoid using chemicals. And heat to the hair And take good care of nutrition, just this can help a lot.

But for many people who have symptoms of hair loss more than usual. There may be different reasons. And needs more care than general care, let's see what factors the cause of the hair loss comes from. So that these problems can be solved properly

Stress, if it is a lot, in combination with less rest. Not getting enough rest Or insomnia for a long time Will affect many systems in the body Including the immune system, various hormones, the imbalance in the body Make it fall off And the regeneration of the hair is lost in balance as well This stress includes Chronic illness, high fever, postpartum conditions Or after surgery that requires a lot of blood loss These are all possible causes of hair loss.

Age with increasing age Some people may have more cell degeneration. It makes the hair on the scalp thinner. Hair has decreased in size and length. Less blood flow to the head and hair roots. Thus slowing down the growth of the hair as well

A disease such as diabetes can affect many. Body system Including the blood vessels that will bring food to the hair. People with abnormal thyroid function People with immunosuppressive conditions Caused by the immune system destroys the hair roots. Can cause hair loss People with a pale condition Or chronic blood loss It will cause a lot of hair loss And regeneration does not occur well, etc.

Some medications, such as oral acne medication, vitamin A group Will find a group of teenagers who take drugs that have side effects of hair loss, pressure reducing drugs, anticonvulsants, etc.

Malnutrition My main component is protein. If there is a diet or weight loss, choose to eat or not complete the 5 food groups, it may lack the nutrients and minerals that are necessary for hair growth.

Hair Cosmetics such as hair dye, perm, straightening, hair damage frequently. Is the cause of the hair to fall easily

Heredity This problem, in fact, is something we cannot control if it is inherited from both parents. But that doesn't mean everyone has to inherit that genetic trait. Because in most cases there must be other factors and causes involved.

Smoking and drinking for a long time It can cause hair loss and poor hair health as well.

When enough to know the cause of the symptoms of hair loss. If any factors can be avoided Trying to find a way to avoid Before the problem of hair loss occurs, then find a solution later.

Beautiful hair is like a tree You need to take care of watering, add fertilizers, fertilize the soil to provide sunlight for the trees to grow well. In addition to avoiding the cause of hair loss so far We have a simple technique. For hair care that we can do every day as well as taking care of internal factors. And external factors

Internal factors: 5 food groups must be eaten if looking at the foods they eat regularly and are not complete. May be taken with vitamin supplements that help to nourish the scalp and hair. In addition Getting enough sleep Exercise regularly, reduce stress, relax your mind. Avoid smoking and drinking. Hair will grow normally.

External factors What must come into contact with both our scalp and hair almost every day. Is hair shampoo Should choose a shampoo that is suitable for our scalp condition. How often you wash your hair depends on your daily activities. Avoid frequently injuring your scalp with chemicals and extreme heat, including sunlight, your hair will be healthy and won't fall off easily.
These simple factors that will make your hair beautiful to stay with us for a long time.

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